Monday, October 13, 2008

So you're probably wondering if Joanna did indeed have a little baby that night...

I think she wishes she had given birth that night, but it wasn't until almost 36 hours after my dream that sweet Jojo delivered her beautiful son Elijah, after over two days of labor. So I had felt her laboring vibes somehow in my sleep, but had the baby all mixed up in my mind.

It was a long wait for me who sat by the phone after calling and not hearing back, wondering and hoping that everything was going to be okay, reminding myself that I would be the first to hear if everything was not okay. And it was. Perhaps I'll inscribe his name onto a little rock and bring it to them, to rejoice in his birth and his life.

I went to see them today and just wept and wept, for their beautiful little family and this beautiful little baby.

My favorite thing about little babies? The fuzz on their faces, on their little squishy foreheads. That you can kiss and it is truly like the down on a little baby chick. I just drown in it.

Two babies in a week, and the first babies that have come into my life in almost two years. I love the feel of them so much and can't help wondering if I will ever feel that of my own flesh again. I crave it so deeply.


Meg said...

I'm so happy that everything went well for her! And I also hope that you get your wish.

THAT GIRL said...

I pray and hope for you that you will receive your heart's desire.

So neat how passionately you care and nurture for those you counsel... I love that.

Hennifer said...

Congratulations to your friend! 2 days of labor? Ugh, I can relate!

My son is also named Elijah!

You are a dear friend to those around you. I wish continued peace and happiness for you