Sunday, October 19, 2008

Liam has a new bike.

An aquamarine "American Cycle".

He and Greg made a special trip last Wednesday night, trashless, to the dump to pick it out. It is truly a retro beauty. He is in love.

As we lit the candle last night, after a gorgeous fall day of hiking and bikeriding, we lamented the fact that Charlotte isn't here to hike with us and play with us.

"Charlotte would be five", Liam commented, and we nodded.

"She'd probably love to ride bikes with you," I told him.

There was a silence.

"Charlotte can't ride a bike because she died," he said, and we sadly agreed.

"Maybe she can ride a star," he said. His voice was hopeful, not wanting his sister to miss out on the thing he loves best.
We nodded, our eyes large.

I wish I believed in heaven.


Rika said...

Liam is a sage, sweet star himself. I see an image of a nude, long haired, smiling girl speeding thru the dark sky on a bright, pointy star.

Can't wait to see a pic of Liam on a bike. Did you really find a bike at the dump, uh?


Meg said...

Liam is so so sweet. You should be so proud.

mattina di lunedi said...

I wish I believed in heaven, too.
But I just can't suspend my disbelief for that one.
Liam is such a darling - thanks for sharing this sweet story.

stephanie said...

I love Liam's thoughts.