Thursday, October 23, 2008

I have so much on my mind, ideas whirling and swirling and seeping from my eyes and ears and fingertips. There's prophesy and wisdom somewhere in them, I'm sure, but what you are going to get is just a bunch of junk. As I sit here my eyelids are drooping, my breathing is slow and warm, my back is curled, I have two sweaters on and I'm truly almost asleep. I just can't devote the space that I need to write GOOD writing, and I feel tired of writing things that seem sub-par. (to me)

So instead I will just post some photographs of late, of a crisp, blue fall morning today (and a shot of the new two-wheeler: actually, as Liam explains, a four wheeler) and I hope you enjoy them.
Jumping on the hay bales...
The little shiny head of my boy chopping corn with his best big pal

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Meg said...

looks like fun! glad you're enjoying the beautiful fall weather.
And, by the way, nothing you've ever written has been sub-par and I've read your whole blog, beginning to end. :-)