Wednesday, October 8, 2008

peace at last

Of course, you now know if you read her blog, that the mystery friend is Erin, Birdie's Mama.

She is so special to me.

I have looked at this picture a million times since I took it, of Erin and her Birdie's name and photo and her little sweet Holdyn lying across her chest, fitting so perfectly and reaching towards Birdie's face. It makes me so happy.


Janya said...

I just figured it out...I am beyond thrilled!!! This photo is too perfect...clutching his mama's breast and his big sister's, oh my, my heart just sings for them!

mm said...

I was hoping someone would say something soon! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
I am phoning Raenne NOW! She and I have been thinking about Erin for WEEKS now!!!!!!

Jen said...

This is so amazingly awesome I can't even stand it. I love this photograph.

jenrnob said...

Carol, Erin and Matt are so lucky to have a friend like you. You have been such a pillar of strength for the both of them through this journey. You are an amazing writer and brought me to tears with your previous post...after you met beautiful Holdyn. He is truly an angel sent to them by his big sister. Loving thoughts, one of Erin and Matt's nurse