Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Spring Cleaning

The mercury skyrocketed today to above 60 degrees. I am so content with this. The windows are open and I am loving the smell of mud.
I had such a relaxing morning this morning with Aoife while Liam was at school. We went for a swim together at the Y, and then came home to paint on her new easel, color with her new markers, and have a tea party. I have just rearranged, for about the 3rd time in 2008, the play area. It always makes it more appealing, and we did enjoy our tea and biscuits very much.
And here are the children this afternoon. Sacked out. I have a meeting at the hospital at 2:30, which renders napping impossible. I had planned our first annual outing to the park, hearing the 60 degree forecast, but tuning out the rain... so we are watching Pinocchio instead. When I told Liam he was watching a movie this afternoon, he said, "April Fools?" He thought I was kidding. I wasn't! They are so happy.

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Birdie said...

Everything looks so cozy!
So, you have a little artist among you eh?