Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Oh, I am so cranky and foul tempered this sunny, lovely, chilly afternoon. My children were at each others' throats (actually it was my child and the child I watch), they woke up the sleeping 2 year old who took an hour to get back to sleep, the house is full of sand and dirt from outside.
Basically there is NOTHING actually wrong, but I am hormonal and grumpy and feeling so much like sitting in the sun, alone, and drinking beer.
So all that is to say, so grumpy, I have nothing of value to say, except, that I suppose we all get this way sometime... do we?
Also? I get terrible canker sores. All the time. Right now I have three, one on the tip of my tongue (can't eat), one on the back of my throat (can't swallow), and another on the side of my tongue (can't talk). My glands are so swollen from this that I can barely swallow or breathe. This happens to me for about 2 weeks out of every month. I need to do more research about how to solve this problem. I have cut things out of my diet before with success, but it seems like each elimination gives me only about a month or 2 of respite and then they are back, hormonally driven. It is so frustrating and so very, very painful. I wish some rich person would give a million dollars to canker sore research so they could figure out how to solve the problem. My doctor says talk to my dentist, and my dentist says talk to my doctor. Argh.
Sorry to use you as a sounding board. Some days I just don't have anything decent to say.


Elizabeth said...

That sounds painful! Have you tried Canker Covers?

Jen said...

Right there with you in crankiness today. Those canker sores sound awful, plus kid mayhem to boot. Me, I'm grouchy from psoriasis causing my fingertips to crack and bleed and hurt, and the baby had a no-holds-barred, tiredness-induced meltdown this afternoon. Bleh.

Awake said...

When I was studying for the bar exam, I suddenly got numerous painful and annoying canker sores. My doctor said they can be caused by stress, prescribed me something (sorry, can't remember what), and sent me on my way with instructions to try to cut out stress. Umm, yeah right.

So, I guess I got nothing. :) Take care, hon.

Aimee said...

Canker sores SUCK! Chris never gets them, I get them all the time! And we finally figured out what has been wrong with Megan guessed it, canker sore! Poor kid had a huge one on her wonder she isn't eating! Some genes I just feel badly for passing on!

Hope you aren't cranky today!

Meg said...

I have heard that Lisine helps to fight canker sores. I get them all the time, too. It's like a supplement or something. Mine are driven by my cycle, too. Come to think of it, I'm gonna start taking Lisine, too.

I love your blog and really feel for you. A close friend of mine lost her first baby, as well. While she was pregnant, they told her he wasn't going to make it. He ended up living for 1 hour. Such a sad story. But, at least they had him for an hour. I'm sure that would have meant the world to you. I came over from Catherine Newman's blog. You wrote a funny little comment about your poop story and I had to come check it out. I have started at the beginning and am almost through all your entries. I think I will post this to your newest entry, too.
I really want to say thank you for your writing because it really gives me a new appreciation for my friend and when she went through and it also makes me appreciate my own kids so much. So, thank you.