Friday, April 11, 2008

Some pictures, and not much else

I just found this picture of Liam in a random file on my computer, and I liked it. So here it is.

I had a work day yesterday, and I spent 8 hours on my computer just working, working, working. When I got up at 5pm I felt like I had lost weight, I felt so freed from having spent so much time working on the things that are important for me to do.

So a big thanks to Greg, my sweet honey on the rocks, for gifting me that day to just focus so much on the things that I wanted to accomplish.
And here is my mum, as a young 17 year old girl, starring in a home-made film called "The Girls From Ditty". They just had a reunion of the cast and she got this shot. I thought it was great. Probably not so interesting if it's not your mom but hey, she's mine.

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