Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A good day

I have had a much better day.

This morning I heard thundering footsteps in the hallway, a small crash, and then a thready voice in my ear, "Mimi? I threw up."
Dizzily, I threw back the duvet and scrambled to get my boy in my arms. He was wet through and through. Soaked with what seemed like water.
"Did you drink a lot of water?" I asked him, and he nodded. I had heard him get up for water. This is not the first time he has dumped a gigantic glassful of water into a semi-upset stomach, resulting in instantaneous puking.
(it is like the game we play in the bath. we fill up the fishy with water, submerging it and squeezing it until no more bubbles come out. then he rises to the top, sticks out his lips, and says, through his mom or dad interpreter, 'Oh, no, I drank too much water', and squirts it all over the kids, who laugh hysterically that they are being barfed on)

I stripped him bare, tucked him in my bed, and went out into the hallway, where it literally looked like someone had taken a large bucket of water, started at the top of the stairs, and thrown it across the entire floor. There was water everywhere. Luckily, it did not smell like puke. I wiped it up with towels, and we began our day.

The details might bog you down, but my boy did end up with two more puke episodes (not water, but luckily into a bowl, he has such talent for these things). Then he conked out in bed for two hours and emerged, declaring, "I feel so much better, I think I feel as good as a Giganotosaurus. And I am as hungry as a bear". I let him eat lots of dry cereal for a few hours before letting him really tuck in, and for the rest of the day, he was chipper and cheery as ever he can be. We spent hours puttering outside, soaking up sunshine, and all truly enjoying each others' company. The issues of yesterday have faded with the ebbs and flows of my own hormonal tide. The joy has returned.

Not bad for a sick day, eh?

Not to mention that it was in the sixties, our snow is all but gone, we opened the sandbox, and the crocuses are out in full force.

It was, in summary, a really great day. Really. I can take puke if the rest is that good.

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Team Harris said...

Hormones are an interesting thing huh? It's fascinating how something so negative can turn into something so positive. Liam (and Aoife and Charlotte) are lucky to have you for a mama!

And hey... it's going to get into the 60s here too... and I woke up this morning and there is glorious SUNSHINE!! What's not to love about sunshine?