Monday, January 7, 2008

Little Liam

I realize that my little Liam has not entered into play a lot lately. Maybe this is because he is just such a great pal to me right now and he's kind of uncomplicated. Here are some amazing things about my little Liam.
1. He is learning to read, in earnest. He recognizes words all over the place and helps me read books with him. Schwing! Holy kindergarten-teacher's dream come true! Yay, Liam!
2. He is so cozy. His hair is so silky and soft and his little body is just the warmest, snuggliest thing. He loves to just lie in bed and snuggle.
3. He loves to sing and is very good at it. Yeah, we've mentioned this before.
4. He is nice to his sister. This can be a rare trait in a 3 year old.
5. He also saved my life. An unusual trait as well. Yeah, I think I would have definitely sunk into a pit of despair if he hadn't come out with a bellow. My little Liam.

I always try to think about how I would describe how much I love Liam, and what his life means to me, but I can't. It's just too complicated.

So that's all. Greg and I are cooking a gourmet, grownups feast tonight with lots of wine.

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Becky said...

It sounds like you have a wonderful little guy.