Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Happy Birthday, Baby Sophie

There is a little girl out there in the world, and you cannot see her, but today is her birthday. Her name is Sophie. Sophie is one.
A year ago today Sophie's mom saw her winking on an ultrasound. The tech told her she had another daughter, her third. Then the doctor told her they probably would not be able to save her baby. Sophie's mom's body was going into shut-down mode, her systems were closing, she was dying, because of a twin of Sophie's that was a molar pregnancy.
And so Sophie winked, and the wand came off of Mom's belly, and that was the end of their life together. Mom had a seizure, her placenta ruptured, and Sophie died. Just like that.
All her Mom dreamed of was having her three little girls at home, having her children close in age so they could play, and love, and enjoy life together. Now one year later, she has nothing, not even a photo or a memory of her little girl.
But there isn't really nothing left of Sophie, is there, because she is here today, here in these words, and in my heart, and in many people's hearts. I am thinking of her, and loving her, and crying for her that she never got a chance to make her mark in this world. My heart aches for her family, and her friends, but mostly my heart aches for Sophie, that she never knew the love her family had for her, that she never felt their loving hands, and that she will never grow up to be a part of their home.
Sophie is real, and the changes she will bring about in this world will be visible. Just wait and you will see.
Happy Birthday, Sophie. There are so many people who wish you could blow out your candles.

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Aimee said...

Thank you...with tears in my eyes, I thank you.