Thursday, August 28, 2008


We jumped back into life here, with Greg off to work only 8 hours after arriving home in the van in the wee hours of Sunday morning. I imagined my transition back to my "real" life would be a disappointment, but it hasn't felt that way. There is a piece of me that feels wistful, thinking back to the long, lazy days of July, and of course the relaxing delight of the cottage, but truly things are just the way they usually are, and I'm happy.
Shouldn't I be devastated, as I usually am, at the end of summer? I feel the longing for my friends, for the freedom of the lake and the two adults, but it's not as it usually is.
This obvious almost- lack of disappointment brings me a shiver of joy.


Meg said...

That's great! You have a lovely way of looking at life and it helps me to look at life that way, too. Thank you for that.

stephanie said...

I am happy that you are finding the transition better than expected. I love the photo of Liam-it is so him.

excavator said...

Hi there, I was just wondering how Baby Andrew is doing?

"Shivers of joy". That's a delicious thought.