Friday, August 29, 2008

Alexander and the....

If I had to sum up today, it would be like this:

1. Blue crayon in the dryer.

2. One leg shaved at 7 AM, second leg shaved at 2:23 pm

3. Kids in the bath at 11 AM

4. Liam saying, "You've broken my heart four times already today". Ditto, kid.

5. A two-year-old + a big basket of beads

6. About 23 mediations between Liam and Phoebe who (almost) never argue

So other than that, it's good to reflect upon my writing from a few days ago, where I felt my transition had been so smooth. It reminds me that today is just a day, as was that day, and tomorrow may be better. It may not be, but chances are it will be.

So now I'm off to help Liam and Phoebe make freezer-paper stencilled t-shirts. On a day like today?!%^&* I must be mad. But you always do have to try to have fun.


Meg said...

I've done that blue crayon in the dryer, except it was my great aunt's beach cottage. Boy did I feel bad! Some days are better than others. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

THAT GIRL said...

the blessing of those kinds of days... when you get to fall into bed... and wonder what could possibly be next?

like when my middle son was 2, and brought me eggs in bed... two perfect beautiful eggs. And, the rest of the dozen was broken in a trail back to the refridgerator.

Or the time I was napping on the couch and husband was in the other room... and he said, "I brushy your hair mamma." So I let him... until I realized it was the toilet brush...

those days were so hard... yet so easy... he's seven now and I miss those hard/easy days very much.

Meg said...

I thought I'd let you know what my 6 year old daughter said to me this morning. I'd forgotten her new sticker book for during the talk at our religious meeting. She said, "I'd be able to listen better if I had my sticker book." I said, "I'm really sorry. You can do it when we get home." She said, "Well, you really let me down." It made me think about this post when Liam said you broke his heart 4 times that day.

You are not alone.