Monday, November 17, 2008

Please help

This is baby Andrew.

If you're reading this, I am guessing there is about a 90% chance that you know somebody who is pregnant.
If you do, (or if you are), please do this: copy down this address

This is the enrollment form to donate umbilical cord blood. It is very easy to do, you have to download and submit forms by the end of your 34th week (and get your doc's signature) and be planning a birth at an approved hospital (all the ones in my area were approved, you can call the number to see if yours is also on the list).

This week, my cousin's baby, Andrew, who is very sick with congenital leukemia, is receiving a bone marrow transplant that is from donated cord blood. His life will literally be saved (we hope and pray) because somebody out there took the time to fill out a few papers, get their doc to sign them, and sent them in. Imagine that instead of your (or your friend's) cord being tossed out as medical waste, it could potentially prevent a very sick baby or child from dying.

Do it now. Copy the address, pass it on. If you are pregnant, download the forms right now.


RSVP. I would be curious to see how many of you are able to pass this information on, or to use it yourself. Imagine if your cord blood could save this baby's life. Wouldn't you do it?


Melanie said...

I donated cord blood in 2004. I don't regret doing so, but I was surprised that I received a bill from my doctor for between $200 and $400 (I don't remember the exact amount) for the collection. I was disappointed that my doctor didn't donate her services, since it seemed like such a simple procedure (to me, anyway). It's definitely a question for the OB of anyone considering such a life-giving donation.

Best wishes to baby Andrew.

I lost twin boys at birth in 2005. I can't thank you enough for your honesty here, and for your persistent dedication to the memory of Charlotte!

Hennifer said...

If I were pregnant I would so do this! If I knew someone who was pregnant I would send it on.

sadly today I learned that the one pregnant person I knew lost her baby this weekend at 23 weeks.

Thank you for the update on little Andrew. I will send my prayers for his speedy recovery

Rebecca said...

When I gave birth in March of 2006, I was told that none of the hospitals in Las Vegas were set up to handle cord blood donation. I planned ahead and started asking months early because even though I did not want to store the cord blood myself, I wanted my son to be able to give a gift upon being born to others who would certainly need it. I was frustrated at every turn. I continue to nag local doctors about this and, perhaps if I am ever pregnant again, I can turn to organizations such as this to accept the gift. I will be thinking strong thoughts for baby Andrew.

daisysmum said...

My baby girl was also born with Leukemia...she was saved by a donated cord blood.
New parents often get confused about private vrs public cord donation - donate PUBLICALLY, cord bloods banked privately are only available to your child and not part of a registry. I have known too many children who have passed away waiting for a match, it would be a shame to think that matches were out there in private banks for healthy children.
My child was saved bya PUBLICALLY donated cord blood - God bless the mother who is out there somewhere with no idea of the gift she gave us. THe gift of our daughter.
Thank you for encouraging people to bank cord blood, and prayers for you and for your nephew.

Charlotte's Mama said...

Thanks for all your comments so far, and so hopefully any of you who pass this info along can make sure it's publicly banked!

Birdies Mama said...


Can I re-post this on my blog?

Aimee said...

I have an appointment today with my OB...I'll check with her! I'll get this baby's cord blood donated publicly. He/she can start life having doing something great in memory of his/her missing sister. I hope everyday for baby Andrew.