Thursday, December 20, 2007

Finally, the good news.

So it's seemed that there has been lots of bad baby news lately, and it's made me feel a little dismal and maybe even a little doubtful and more scared for myself and my other friends, and then this:

Today, my dear old friend Crista, has announced the arrival in her belly, of a tiny new bean!
This is truly amazing and wonderful news.
Crista and Eric, these two, absolutely beautiful people.
They are beautiful. I mean, they are really beautiful. They are sweet, and sensitive, and quiet. They are so thoughtful and kind and do great stuff for other people. They laugh a lot and love their garden and have so much fun together. They have so much LOVE for each other and for everyone else, too.
They are also beautiful to see-- they are just classically gorgeous in every way, and this is probably mostly because she is just very, very pretty and he is extremely handsome, but all of this is so highlighted by flashing, bright smiles, and warm laughter, and just such an aura of goodness.
All they want is a baby.
They have tried, and tried and tried.
Last summer they almost got a baby. They finally got a little baby growing in there, only to miscarry. She would have been due this February, the 6th I think.
And now this: this new little bean! I feel so hopeful for them, and I wanted to post this story because I want this little bean to be OUT THERE and to be getting all the hopes and wishes that he or she deserves. I want this little bean to grow and thrive and be BORN ALIVE in seven months or whenever he or she is ready. And I somehow feel like maybe if we all think it, it will happen.
Come on, little bean! We're rooting for you!
Yay, Crista and Eric! We are so happy for you.

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