Monday, May 24, 2010

Then, it was as if I lived inside a thick, heavy cloak.
When I think back to then, I almost feel it wrapping around me.
I'm turning inside out, the roar of my blood in my veins drowns out any other sound.
I see with blinders on, only what I can manage to take in for that little while.
I am ensconced in softness, holding myself tightly with my two little arms, trying not to fall apart.
I can see the world, and it moves in slow motion for me, and I'm surprised at how fast people are going.
My world, of course, has stopped.
Inside my cloak, I look down, and see the stillness of my body.
It waits for the passage of time, and that is all.


Brenda Marie said...

Your description of how you felt is exactly how I feel right now.

Shannon said...