Monday, July 14, 2008

Thank you...

And now, having read the six comments from yesterday's post, I just have to say thank you, because I am so unbelievably curious about who reads this blog, and that was the best feedback I've ever gotten in terms of feeling like I'm getting a sense of who you are. So come on, let's be friends! Comment some more! I want to know what pushes your buttons, and what makes you sing!


Jen said...

I love to sing, too. Love, love, love it. And I love foraging for wild edibles. I love growing things as well. I just gathered up some lemon balm from beside my front door and am brewing it into tea. I am madly in love with my husband. I am entranced by beautiful writing, be it fiction, non-fiction, poetry, essays... I am also ridiculously enthralled by reference books, such as the Oxford English Dictionary, or specialty dictionaries or encyclopedias on obscure yet fascinating topics, or lavish annotated bibliographies. I love crafty stuff like crocheting and beadwork and papier mache. And I love to cook, and to eat. And the most fun thing lately is either tickling Lily as she laughs with glee or put her in a swing and swing her as she laughs with glee.

Thanks for the push to think about the things I love!

Rachel said...

I feel as though I may be a wee bit late on this but I wanted to post about a few things that I love or that push my buttons.

People who don't treat animals and kids right. Why have either if you don't want them? There are so many people who would take them and love them. Don't have them if you don't want them!

Photography: This is something I am just now getting into but I am hoping it can become something I do on a more regular basis.

Literature: Books, oh how I adore them and rightfully so as I am an English Major. I love that you can get lost in fiction or lost in someone's true story.

Meg said...

This is a very interesting subject. Really gets the thoughts flowing. I would have to say the things that push my buttons might offend you. It pushes my buttons when people act like their kids not knowing what a movie theater is makes them better than the parents who's kids *do* know what a movie theater is. Everything, including TV, is ok in moderation. If you choose not to have your kids watch a lot, then it's ok. But, for kids who watch SOME, that's ok, too. I feel like people who long for days past where kids played outside a lot and were imaginative, sometimes take things a little too far. I'm not saying you do. I feel like it's all presented a little judgementaly sometimes. I also had 2 c-sections (not by my choice). Both kids were breech, plus I had water around my heart causing super fast pulse that was caused by the pregnancy. But, what if they were my choice? Does that make me a worse parent? What if I fought to go VBAC and had a rupture and lost my second? Would that make me a better mother because I wanted to fight to go natural? I don't think so. Also, I wasn't able to continue breastfeeding. Not that I should have to explain, but I have a pain disorder that made it excruciating to breastfeed. And, the second time, same pain disorder, plus I was on a medication that I wasn't safe for the baby. So, does it mean I didn't love my children as much as someone who did breastfeed? Not at all. I don't see why I would have to explain myself, as if I HAVE to have a good reason, or I'm not as good of a mom. Also, maybe stop and think that it was a very difficut decision for the mother to make and also a very guilty one to not be able to give your child the "best". A little compassion goes a long way. Before assuming the mother doesn't care as much for their child as the mother who does breastfeed.

So, those are some of my issues. I do let my kids watch tv, but it's in moderation. We actually prefer reading and playing and art. We play outside just about everyday. I'm nice to my kids and they are my world. I love reading this blog and I loved reading everyone's comments. I only wanted to point out that sometimes people have legitimate reasons why they don't do certain things. Just think about it before the blanket statements.

Sara said...

Meg, I appreciate your comment. I had a c-section (not what I would have chosen but necessary) and was unable to breastfeed (milk never came in), and certain attitudes about these things push my buttons too. Actually, the mere mention of these things usually puts me on edge, ready to feel inadequate about my "choices." I always feel like I have to justify both things.

For me, giving up completely on breastfeeding at 1 month was one of the best decisions I made. I was unable to put my baby to breast often because of his health, and pumping I was literally getting drops (my big day was getting 2 cc, yes, 1/15 of an ounce in one pumping). So I stopped. I cried when I turned in the pump, and I was irked every time I had to shell our for formula. But instead of trying to pump every few hours, I held my baby more, and I wouldn't give up a single minute of that time.

Actually I made a lot of choices with my baby that were not how I wanted to do things because the way I wanted to do things didn't work or because they were not best for him and his particular circumstances. I find it hard to listen to talk about the "right" or "best" thing to do when they are things I believe in or wanted to do but couldn't. I try to keep this in mind in my own attitudes toward people's choices, though I know I have my own areas where I am judgmental or push what I think is right/important.

Charlotte's Mama said...

How I appreciate your comments, and I really do appreciate them-- I am not realizing here that I sound as if I think my kids are better because they don't know what a movie theater is-- we live in the country, there isn't a movie theater within half an hour, to me this seems obvious, to you it is not. I also ache to think that anyone would get the impression that I would look down upon someone who agreed with the idea of breastfeeding but for their own reasons, could not do it. What I oppose to are the people, and I am quoting someone here, who think it is barbaric and a silly idea in the first place. That makes me mad, and I've mentioned this before, because I feel resentful of people who have milk-ful breasts and a hungry baby and just choose not to feed the baby that milk. This is because I once had no baby to feed my milk to.
So thank you, thank you, for making me more aware to make sure my statements do not seem high and mighty in the places where I don't intend them to seem high and mighty (but I really do think you all should buy vegetable based laundry detergent).

Rebecca said...

Do you know if that vegetable based laundry detergent is okay for sensitive skin or allergy babes? I'm looking into it!

Yesterday, the things that get me wound up. Today, the things that make me happy.

Popsicle hour. My son loves popsicles and every day when I get home from work, we either have one before or after dinner. He loves to be outdoors and I'm happy we have a lawn and trees and flowers to enjoy. Like his mama, he likes weather of all kinds (wind, rain, clouds) so when we get the chance at the end of a long day, we go out and have Popsicle Hour.

I bake like a madwoman. Used to do it to relieve stress; now I do it to share the joy of turning mushy dough into edible treats with my son. Cookies are my best bet but any sweet desserts will do. It isn't as much fun making carrot/zucchini/flaxseed mini muffins (our current specialty) but we do those too.

I'm a passionate anglophile. Did a study abroad in London in college and have been lucky enough to return several times. Got married in Edinburgh 6 years ago. The UK is an enchanting place for me.

I love the smell of my son's hair.

I'm a closet foodie. If I could, I would have a wine/cheese/chocolate party once a month where all the guests brought extra to exchange and we all tasted the finest in culinary treats. This will probably *never* actually happen, but I like to dream about it. Until then, I read cookbooks and magazines and daydream about it. There are worse vices.

I do love the written word. USed to write alot more myself, now I read. Librarian/teacher by trade. Love fiction, particularly historical, and memoirs. And mommy blogs. I'd never make it through the workday without them.

Meg said...

Oh, please don't ache. Your clarification is more than enough for me. My comment wasn't sorely based on your comments. It started to broaden out to "most people". I asked for no blanket statements and there I went and did one myself.

I love to read your blog and opinions. Thanks for opening this discussion.

Hennifer said...

I thought I loved music, loved to sing, until I visited your blog. I think you've taken it to a new level that I won't ever reach :)

I love being with my friend family, my group of 3 really, really close friends. We laugh, we sit quietly, we snuggle, we talk, we question. We are all spread out and these rare moments where we are all together are priceless. It has been quite a journey to go from wayward teens to full grown adults, and parents at that.

I adore movies! Adore. As an responsible adult I see less and less of them but I miss the weekends of cramming 2, 4, 6 movies in. I love a chance to go on and on about movies, try to name titles, directors, actors, pop culture references.

I am passionate about gentle birth and keeping the power of this process with women. We all make personal choices but I am passionate about women being fully informed and not just deferring to the medical model. I myself had 2 c-sections, both unwanted/unplanned and the 2nd dictated by my first. We all have to make choices but I'm passionate about women realizing they do have choice.

I am passionate about ending violence against women and children. I hope as I grow I can contribute more to this cause but for now I'll donate useful items, financially support the fabulous local org, and work towards removing violent/oppressive language/actions from mine and my children's lives.

Random, I love photography, cooking shows, GOOD children's books, summer nights, the moon, ravens, desserts, shaved legs, sleeping, books

Abhor, people who water their lawns in the heat of the day, road rage, infidelity, role playing games, people who assume everyone shares their same faith, commercials, people who label "boy" and "girl" things, extra large vehicles with no purpose