Saturday, July 12, 2008

Last night was spent away from the children, in my sister's SWANK little studio which lies near the corner of Commonwealth and Berkeley (for those of you familiar with Boston), just a block up from the Public Garden (for those of you familiar with Make Way for Ducklings). My two sisters and I had a glorious evening inhaling fabulous Italian food in the North end, brushing each others' hair, and scratching backs before collapsing, exhausted, into our beds. We had to be up early to feed the meters and enjoyed a walk in the park, such fun pawning through designer clothes at the fabulous thrift stores on Newbury Street, and a run along the Charles.
And oh, did I miss my little squishy delicious babies, who greeted me with such joy. I left them overnight for the first time in November (we went to a SHARE conference in St. Louis) and that was three nights, and a little long, but now that I've done it 3 times, the one nighter just makes them so succulent and delicious that I just can't wait to inhale them. So I did.
And the news, or the focus, of the day, is that this lovely family who lost their daughter Addison this April held a softball tournament in her memory today and earned TWO THOUSAND dollars for our group. I just am in disbelief. This generosity does not stop, does it? This will fund our November educational training completely. I was touched and amazed. I started this. And now it's real.
And two other newses: (that is the four year old plural for news)
My dear friends Amanda and Becky are GETTING THEIR BABY SAM from Vietnam~ this news is so good, I can't even describe it, just try to feel this delicious, warm feeling of pure joy and that's all I feel when I think about this. These women have lost a lot in the past few years, and now Sam is coming home. I am delighted.
My dear friends Crista and Eric, who I wrote about maybe back in November, had their beautiful baby boy last night, and despite worries about his health because he had been diagnosed in Utero with Down's, he was born robust and very healthy, and I am so relieved. This baby also follows loss and disappointment and frustration and he is just a ray of beautiful sunshine for EVERYONE and his parents are going to be the most amazing parents ever.
So not that you care about those newses, but I do, so you get to hear them.
That's today in a nutshell.
And the Sox are really really winning.


Imez said...

hi...I found your blog kind of randomly, started crying at your black and white photo, read your story on mothering, and have been crying into my 2 year old's belly for about ten minutes...I don't have anything good to say after all that...just...your an incredible writer and and amazing person. Thanks for letting me gush.

Charlotte's Mama said...

ooh, thanks so much for gushing... i really mean it. i'm blushing here....