Friday, February 29, 2008

La La Land

Tonight was movie and pizza night. Imagine that! I absolutely love television as a rarely-used treat, because it truly is magic to my children. Of course there are other forms of magic that I relish more than television, but to see them, at the end of a long day, help me to roll out the pizza dough, carefully help with the red peppers and the cheese, and then sit down into their matching, little white rocking chairs, is truly a treat. Little Aoife runs commentary on whatever she sees, and Liam just sits there with a grin plastered on his face. They are relaxed, they are happy, and it all seems good. I love it.
I think my attitude about television is pretty consistent with my attitude about mostly everything. I think that in general TV isn't good for kids, but I also don't want to ban it completely, lest it become this crazed, forbidden fruit. Like the hot fudge sundae, a movie every few weeks is not going to poison my children. They would no sooner ask for a movie on a Tuesday morning than they would ask for a bowl of ice cream for breakfast. They know that a movie is a treat that comes when the Mother decides it's going to happen. And when it does? We all sit back, relax, and really enjoy the show. Even if it is Thomas the Tank Engine. (Those engines are terribly rude to one another, really, but with their cute british accents it seems less aggressive and so long as none of that is repeated in our household, I'll be okay with that.)

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JediRach said...

I have nothing in common with you. I have never had a baby. I don't own my home. I am addicted to television and ice cream but I love to read your posts. They fill me with an odd sense of hope as odd as that may sound. I just wanted to delurk and say hello. Your children are beautiful. All three of them.