Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Warm Water

I'm in a gratitude phase right now. I'm marveling every day at the roof over our heads, at the numerous rooms, at the collections of books and wide variety of foods to choose from, even when I might claim at 4 PM that the cupboard is bare. But it's a really simple thing that I always feel so amazed by, something that I wonder if some people ever stop to ponder.
Every night, after they eat their warm supper, my children trundle upstairs to our yellow bathroom, and they get into a lovely hot bath. It's so simple-- I turn on a tap and gallons upon gallons of beautiful, clean, pristine well water, at precisely the right temperature for their little bodies, pours into the tub. They get in, and while some nights we grab the bottle of soap and scrub them down, most nights they just play in the warm water, rinsing their little bodies off, and relaxing from their busy day. I find this so amazing that every single day we have this luxury. The children aren't even dirty. We don't even wash them all the time. It's just something warm, and soothing, and lovely that they do together every night. A symbol of true luxury that could pass right by my eyes if I didn't stop to think about it. If I didn't stop to ponder how many children in the world don't have access to clean water, or running water, or warm water. Or how many children in this country do have access to these things but whose parents just park them in front of the television and don't bother to let them play happily in the tub before their appropriately early bedtime. (did you know that the symptoms of extreme exhaustion and fatigue mimic ADHD symptoms?) My children are blessed, and I am blessed to be aware of our good fortune.


Hope's Mama said...

Just lovely. Bath time is our favourite time of day. I get in with Angus each and every night.

Kimberly said...

We love our nightly bath too - especially with brothers/sisters :)


Velvet Sweatpants said...

just got out of a warm tub to find this great post!

i wish there was more talk/awareness about sleep deprivation and its my friends' kids who are sick all...the...time.

happy belated birthday, fiona, and blessings to you all!

Adelaide's Mom said...

Beautiful post. We do nightly tubs because of you - after you told me about your routine when Addy was a baby. Also follow the early bedtime - like you guys. You are a great model. I agree with the ADHD thoughts.


Natalie said...


Ya Chun said...

Kid jacuzzi!

Jeez, now I feel like we are depriving beanie - we only bathe her once a week - figuring she's not dirty and the dirty parts get washed all the time!

But she goes to bed in the six oclock hour - so it's hard to squeeze bath time in!

rebeccaeee said...

Wow- Liam is looking alot like his daddy in that pic. I just got downstairs myself from the crowded tub! My son, my daughter and I all squeeze in together a few nights a week. I love bathtime, love it, love it, love it. Love that we're not the only indulgent water babes out there. Even now as an adult, I cannot sleep well without my evening bath. No AM showers for me, thanks.