Monday, December 8, 2008

Our first words for Charlotte 5.13.03

When we told our nurse we wanted ten more minutes with our baby, we asked her to bring us a piece of paper and a pen. Then, holding Charlotte, we wrote this poem. We did it so we would not forget her. Little did we know how impossible she would be to forget.
I can still feel my hand penning it, my little, warm, tiny baby nestled in the crook of my left arm with the table moved just so that my left hand could move the pen, scratching the words in messy black ink onto the tiny scratch pad the nurse had brought us.

We love you angel baby
Your long fingers with perfect little fingernails
Your tiny feet with elegant toes
Your tiny round belly
Your flat little bottom
Your little creases here and there
Your rosebud lips
Tiny pert nose
Your downy hair
Tiny wrinkles on your fingers, just like Mama
Little chin just like Daddy
Beautiful eyes that never saw the world
Cute, round ears, chubby at the top. So round, where did they come from?
Sweet, soft nipples
Charlotte, you are a little miracle.
You brought us so much happiness during the nine months you were in our lives
Now we have to let you go
The hardest thing we will ever do.


Melanie said...


I wish I thought to do something like this.

Your life is obviously a constant tribute to Charlotte, and it's inspirational for me.

Meg said...

This was so beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Hope's Mama said...

So very lovely Carol. You are an inspiration. I wish I'd done this for my darling Hope. You know, I think if I did our poems would be strangely similar.... xoxo

kris said...

Carol, thanks for sharing this. My friend's little boy died when he was 6 months old. Today is his 3rd birthday. I said prayers for both Isaac and Charlotte today.

Cara said...

That is gorgeous. So- in the moment, yet available to you for the rest of your earthly life. It is framed? By her picture? I can just see the two in combination.

Meg said...

Carol, are you ok? It's been longer than usual and I worry. I hope baby Andrew is ok. I hope you all are ok. Please know that you and your family are in my thoughts.