Monday, December 12, 2011

Amazing today

We almost had no dinner, because just before dinner, everyone became totally engrossed in Christmas crafts. Greg and I were dashing from kid to kid threading needles, matching up felt pieces, and helping to design templates. French toast happened at the last possible moment, and against all odds, the children were all in bed, asleep, by 7:30. Perhaps the universe (or Charlotte) wanted me to have my craft time tonight to make Maeve's Christmas stocking.

Lucky me.


kris said...

I love Liam's hands--how is he so grown up? I love Aoife's patience, and Fiona's concentration. I love the neck fold in the picture below...though that doesn't look like Maeve (?)

I love amazing todays...had one of my own--my sometimes name caller was a model citizen! Wahoo ;) Enjoy the stocking time.

Rika said...

Looks like great fun! How wonderful to pass on the sewing to your kids. Can't wait to see the stocking. I hope you list all the gifts you made - I loved reading about the felt food, sand box, etc.

xo Rika