Tuesday, October 25, 2011

So Maeve was sick this weekend, she had a fever and a cough and was oh-so-miserable. What made it harder for me was that she wouldn't sleep unless I was walking around with her... at all. Not even a little. As soon as I sat, or tried to lie, she would begin to arch, and scream.

Maeve never, ever cries. Not when she's hungry, not when she's tired. Never. She never has. She's just a quiet baby, and I've learned to read her squeaks and whistles and figure her out pretty well. So all of this screaming was kind of alarming, and while her fever broke on Sunday night, this inability to sleep much at all (she did go down at 3 on Sunday night, and at 2 on Monday night!) combined with continued screaming led me to one conclusion:

Definitely some kind of tumor, causing excruciating pain.

I cried about this, feeling distraught as I paced the dark dining room at 1 AM. Here I was, desperate for sleep after 4 nights of none, wanting so badly for her to go to sleep, and soon she'd be in hospital for months, maybe forever, and how could this be happening?

In the morning, after I'd had my coffee, I remembered about ear infections. I thought about how interesting it is that my brain visits the idea of fatal tumors before it suggests the possibility that a congested baby might have an ear infection, which would cause pain and an inability to sleep.

Oh, well.

I did make an appointment to bring her in tomorrow, but today she had a long nap on my bed and now she's been sleeping there for almost 2 hours. Not in my arms, not while I walk. So I think maybe my hours of pacing the floor possibly dodged us a round of ammoxocillin (and as she threw up the tylenol I tried to give her each time, I doubt that would have gone over very well) and I am hoping we are in the clear.


Sara said...

Oh, dear, I hope she didn't get the cough from us. E. had croup—woke up sounding absolutely awful Friday afternoon and we went to the doctors.

Aimee said...

Just a little tip: The BEST investment (a little under $100) I ever made was a real, doctor-type model otoscope. You can get very good at IDing ear infections early and then a few drops of apple cider vinegar works wonders. Really. Obviously do what you think is best for your family, but I think the 70 or 80 dollars I spend on that has saved hundreds of $20 co-pays at the office! I'm sorry for little M! Hope she is better and you are getting some sleep now!

Rika said...

Hope she is feeling all better! xo

mama said...

Also...the chiropractor! Holdyn hasn't had an ear infection since he began going to see Mindi at Motion Chiro in easthampton. =)

Hope Maeve is feeling better and mama can get some rest too!

love you's.

Charlotte's Mama said...

So sweet-- thanks for all your feedback! We've been so lucky-- only one ear infection per kid so far (and all 3 away from home, so would have been away from the otoscope...) and little Maemae seems better now!

kris said...

I have been thinking of you, friend! Hope you were able to stay warm and safe during the storm.