Friday, September 9, 2011

Our time away...

I actually still exist.
It's been so long... so much longer than I ever thought I'd go without writing.

There are many aspects of my life that have fallen aside, intentionally. I have four children now, four very young, very precious, and very lovely children who need me desperately. They need me to hug them, kiss them, play with them, tell them stories, sing them songs, tuck them in, rock them, nurse them, change their clothes and diapers and shoes, pack their lunches, drive them places, pick up their toys (or could they do this themselves?), run a support group in her memory, they need me to wipe their noses and bums and wash their hair for them, lay out their clothes and breakfast dishes and pour their orange juice and stir their oatmeal and wash the pot, they need me to take photographs of them so we'll remember all of this and call the dishwasher repairman so we'll have more time together in the evenings and go to the library to get books. They need me to scratch their backs, and swaddle them, and change their sheets, and vacuum the house so we won't have allergies, and cut the grass so it's perfect for soccer. They need me to push them on the swings and take them to the park and grocery shop for them and get them school supplies and teach them how to knit, and take them to ballet, and drive to soccer practice, and organize playdates, and take them for a walk to see the cows, and rock them to sleep.

To all of this, I say yes. And lately, to the computer, I say a loud, and definite no. When all of the above has been accomplished, and it's 11:00 at night, and I have two nursing babies who need me all night long, I have remembered how important it is to prioritize what's here and now, and so I do.

I'll be around, I'll be around.


jojo said...

We will wait for you. And think of you. Looking forward to seeing the whole gang sometime...

Hope's Mama said...

Warms my heart to read this. But also makes me sad, as I will miss your emails!
But I'm so glad you're doing this, because your precious babies do need you. That first photo of Aoife - that is just pure joy. And I can't believe how alike Fiona and Maeve are. You really have a beautiful family and I've been thinking of you all so much lately.

kris said...

These photos are wonderful. Be well and I hope to see you around town soon.

Rika said...

Your a super hero. The photos of the kids are great. Do you have time to go to the bathroom?!! Your super mama.