Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A doctor wrote this to me, in response to an invitation to a speaker I'm bringing to Western Mass this fall:

I have been involved with so many losses, and while I hope that I have said and done the “right” thing, I would love to hear from someone with expertise in this area to ensure that I can provide the best care possible.

Can you imagine somebody being so humbly gracious? I am so grateful for this doctor. I'd like to send this doctor flowers. I'd like to serenade this doctor. The last time I ran this training NOT ONE SINGLE DOCTOR CAME (out of 80 attendants). And so I literally almost cried when I got this e-mail.

Isn't it sad that everyone doesn't feel this way? Why does it feel like admitting defeat to some to want to know more?


Pietrowski's of North Andover said...

There needs to be more doctors like this!

It's so sad how many doctors seem like robots -- lacking compassion for things they see regularly--at times when patients need compassion the most!

Hope's Mama said...

Great result! We'll keep working on the rest of them! One is a good start! S/he's about the first one I know of!

erica said...

Hurray for this doctor! I've had positive experiences with doctors on the whole, but when it came to talking to me about my son's death, there was some awkwardness and even some coldness that I really could have done without.