Friday, April 9, 2010

A Plan

I have a plan.
I liked my last post, which was born out of 3 minutes (literally) of frantic writing before I went to bed. I wanted to post, I had no ideas. So I thought to myself, pluck a memory out of air, and write. Don't read it over, don't edit it after you've written. Just write, and post. Then, you will have time to post.
This is always how the true grit gets posted, and I want to do more of it.
So here is my goal, publicly posted:
I want to do this at least three times a week, if not every day. From now until the 13th of May. I am going to let my mind settle on a single moment of memory, and I'm going to let my fingers fly for a time, and then I'm going to hit POST.
So for a while, anyway, the story will be patched together again, for the seventh time around. I won't be intimidated about it being "too late for me to write" because it's not a time committment. I won't be intimidated about having "nothing to write about" because that just isn't possible. And I won't be intimidated that my writing isn't good, because if I declare here and now that I'm posting stream-of-consciousness writing, then you will take it for what it is: not a polished piece of writing, fit for publication, but the essence of my heart and memory, worthwhile in its own right.


kris said...

Sounds like a wonderful idea. No need to apron-wring for us...your love and passion, joy and sadness come through in every post, "polished" or not. I hope the practice is fruitful for you.

Jen said...

I love your plan, and your subsequent post. So powerful. You don't need polishing. You are an abundantly gifted writer, and you are being 100% true to your experience. This is it, the raw truth, all the beauty and pain and all of it.

Erika P said...

Yes, great idea. I used to do lots of stream of consciousness writing. You've got me thinking maybe I should try it again too. I rarely post to my blog because I never feel I have enough time to edit and polish and get it just right. But I haven't been writing on paper much either and I have lots of stuff rattling around in my head that I'd like to write down in some form. May I borrow your idea to try to get my blog going again?