Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Today, a string of photos of life in the past week or so.
But mostly, today, I think of Birdie, a baby who is so loved, and who would have lived a life so absolutely full of the greatest gifts of love and adoration that two parents could have possibly poured into her. I grieve her loss, myself, because I cherish her mother and family and I wish I could have had her sweet, three year old self tearing up my house on a weekly basis.
Loving you, Birdie, and wishing your wings could bring you home.


kris said...

Oh, the rolls!!! I just want to eat Fiona up!! Liam and Aoife are getting so big and their eyes are beyond gorgeous.

I think Charlotte and Birdie are somewhere together, looking out for each other.

Hope's Mama said...

Missing Birdie with her Mama.
And loving Fiona's expressive little face. Too cute. Oh, and Liam and Aoife are super adorable as well.

Lauren said...

Carol, I LOVE that last photo of Fiona's beautiful face. It's gorgeous.

Adelaide's Mom said...

LOVE all the pics - esp. the last one. xo

Birdies Mama said...

thank you dear friend, thank you.
these photos are too yummy.
we shall see each other soon.