Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A break for advertising...

This, from a colleague of my sister:



A researcher from the Pacific Graduate School of Psychology is conducting a dissertation study to learn about the loss of a singleton, a twin, a triplet, or higher-order multiple and its impact on mothers. The investigator is Louise E. Marasco, MS, clinical psychology PhD graduate student. She is requesting participation from adult mothers who have lost a baby, or more than one baby between the 28th week of pregnancy and the 28th day after birth. This study seeks mothers who have lost a baby within the last 4 years. The hope is that the information that is learned will assist health practitioners in providing comprehensive care for grieving mothers who have lost a multiple while simultaneously caring for a newborn.

If you choose to participate, the researcher will interview you by phone at a time that is convenient. You will be asked to complete several questionnaires about how you are adjusting and coping with the loss of your child. The questions are designed to help us better understand your experiences following the death of your child. Your individual responses will be kept completely confidential. Participation in this study will take approximately 2 hours and will be at no cost to you.

If you are interested in participating in this study please call:

Louise Marasco, MS
Principal Investigator



Inanna said...

Okay small world. I graduated from Pacifica. (It's PacificA, btw :) Wow. Weird.

Anonymous said...

If they do one on dads, I'd be happy to participate. Well, maybe "happy" is the wrong word, but I would participate!

niobe said...

I'm assuming from the wording that the time period doesn't cover babies who were born prior to 28 weeks and survived for a short period of time (less than 28 days).