Monday, April 6, 2009


I am sorry, my dear Jen, to make you public here once again, but it has to be done.
My friend Jen is amazing. She had an amazing experience with her daughter's birth and she is really, truly, the only friend I have who truly realizes her daughter's presence here on earth in a way that I can relate to (I mean the only non-babylost friend).
Here is Jen's amazing post on her blog about her daughter Lily, who has just turned two. Jen, your writing is amazing, your insight is just phenomenal. What a gift to the world. The babylost people must breathe a sigh of relief to feel the true, deep, sinking gratitude that seeps out of every syllable of every word that you write. Lily is a miracle, it is true, but moreso is the miracle of you knowing it with all the deepness of your heart. Thank you.

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